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The Drug Facts

The Truth About Drugs is a series of thirteen illustrated drug information booklets containing facts about the most commonly abused drugs.

This website contains the full text of these booklets, which were specifically written for young people, but contain facts adults need to know as well.

Written in plain language, easy to understand, and available in 22 languages, this information explains the physical and mental effects of drugs on a person. It tells true stories of people who have used drugs and became addicted to them.

If someone is trying to push a drug on you, or if you are considering using a drug or are already using it, or if you know someone using drugs, check out this site so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The first segment, entitled The Truth About Drugs, gives a factual and concise overview of exactly what drugs are, how they work and what they do. It gives the street names as well as the long- and short-term side effects of the most common substances. As a booklet, it is the recommended general handout for distribution in any community and to share with friends, family and others.

Each individual drug has its own section with a lot more facts and stories of users. You can select which drug you want to read about.

The booklets and this site are resources for anyone—kids, parents, teachers, counselors, law enforcement officers, youth workers, drug prevention and rehabilitation specialists and health professionals.

To read the booklets, just click on one of the covers above.

The thirteen drug information booklets are also free and can be ordered as a set, or each one of them can be ordered separately in any quantity. Click here to request The Truth About Drugs booklets.


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